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About Alterion SharpThought™

The Alterion SharpThought™ methodology is a cost-effective method of assuring successful IT system acquisition and deployment through the verification of requirements and the minimization of risks. SharpThought minimizes risk during all phases of a program's life cycle by identifying problems early, allowing corrective actions to be taken at the lowest cost to the program.

SharpThought encompasses a product's full life cycle, from initial concept to retirement, including:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Architectural Assessment
  • Systems Integration Testing
  • Deployment Assessment
  • Post-Release User Surveys
  • Quality Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Performance Testing
  • Systems Acceptance Testing
  • Defect Tracking and Management
  • Contract Award Support

About SharpThought™ Services

Backed by over 20 years of experience, and made possible by our unique expertise in process management and contemporary technologies, Alterion delivers an unprecedented level of IV&V services to commercial and government enterprises.

Aligning the core management tools of Process Improvement, Quality Management, Risk Mitigation and Technical Expertise to a varied spectrum of business activities, Alterion has constructed the SharpThought™ methodology for bringing repeatable control mechanisms to bear on complex and demanding projects. With a steady history of diverse and challenging engagements, Alterion has created a methodology that can improve all phases of an organization's business activities.

Contact Alterion to learn more about SharpThought IV&V and how it can fulfill the business execution needs of your organization.