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SharpThought™ Process Improvement

Process Improvement is dramatically reshaping the business landscape by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and increasing profit margins. Process Improvement is a series of quality-oriented activities which aim to identify, prevent and mitigate business execution problems before they escalate into budget and schedule overruns.

Clients typically perceive that business execution problems result entirely from unique circumstances. However, even unique circumstances consist largely of common business activities with common points of failure. Similar to how assembly lines revolutionized manufacturing, Process Improvement takes advantage of repeatable control mechanisms in order to promote higher levels of efficiency and achievement.

By reducing preventable sources of business execution problems within even the most unique of circumstances, Alterion can help organizations realize significant savings otherwise lost to inadequate business requirements, insufficient planning, technical barriers, and failures in testing and evaluation.

About SharpThought™ Services

Backed by over 20 years of experience, and made possible by our unique expertise in process management and contemporary technologies, Alterion delivers an unprecedented level of IV&V services to commercial and government enterprises.

Aligning the core management tools of Process Improvement, Quality Management, Risk Mitigation and Technical Expertise to a varied spectrum of business activities, Alterion has constructed the SharpThought™ methodology for bringing repeatable control mechanisms to bear on complex and demanding projects. With a steady history of diverse and challenging engagements, Alterion has created a methodology that can improve all phases of an organization's business activities.

Contact Alterion to learn more about SharpThought IV&V and how it can fulfill the business execution needs of your organization.