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SharpThought™ IV&V Services

More businesses and government organizations are realizing the benefits of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services and offerings, evidenced by the growing number of government contracts which require IV&V phases.

At its simplest, IV&V represents a risk mitigation strategy founded upon the independent and neutral third-party oversight of critical business activities and project phases. IV&V brings the following benefits to bear on complex and demanding projects:

  • The independent nature of IV&V allows project success and quality to be measured and improved in an objective manner, lending credibility and defensibility to projects which require demonstration of achievement.
  • Experts who are proficient in Process Improvement are able to identify, prevent, and mitigate risks that occur during common business activities, reducing budget and schedule overruns.
  • Experts who are proficient in particular technologies are able to offer subject matter expertise and experience as a means to verify major decisions regarding technology and business process.
  • The cost of hiring IV&V experts as a control mechanism is far less than the cost of hiring an entire team of subject matter experts to achieve the same amount of quality.

Alterion was founded to address and resolve the complex business issues that necessitate IV&V. Let our vast expertise improve the bottom line of your organization.

About SharpThought™ Services

Backed by over 20 years of experience, and made possible by our unique expertise in process management and contemporary technologies, Alterion delivers an unprecedented level of IV&V services to commercial and government enterprises.

Aligning the core management tools of Process Improvement, Quality Management, Risk Mitigation and Technical Expertise to a varied spectrum of business activities, Alterion has constructed the SharpThought™ methodology for bringing repeatable control mechanisms to bear on complex and demanding projects. With a steady history of diverse and challenging engagements, Alterion has created a methodology that can improve all phases of an organization's business activities.

Contact Alterion to learn more about SharpThought IV&V and how it can fulfill the business execution needs of your organization.