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About Alterion

Alterion was founded in March, 2000 with the goal of becoming a premier provider of IT Program IV&V Management and Support services. Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Alterion has since been successfully involved in numerous programs for corporate and government organizations.

Alterion provides a complete set of Independent Verification and Validation services through its proprietary SharpThoughtâ„¢ methodology. As a cost-effective method for assuring successful IT system acquisition and deployment, SharpThought minimizes risk during all phases of an engagement by identifying problems, and their corresponding corrective actions, when they can be mitigated at the lowest cost to a program.

Through SharpThought Services™, Alterion delivers IV&V expertise in areas such as Quality Management, Risk Mitigation, Requirements Analysis, Process Improvement, Performance Testing, and IT Consulting. Alterion's capabilities are further augmented by its rich network of industry partners, enabling Alterion to provide comprehensive and distinct services.

Alterion falls under the classification of a Small Business, as defined by the United States Government. For more information visit Alterion's website at